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If you can’t accept credit cards, there’s a big chance your business is missing out on sales. You want a low cost merchant services account from a high quality payment service provider who will approve you fast. You need the features that can help keep your business moving forward.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve made the right choice for your business. Hawkins can help. Guaranteed. Save all that time you would’ve spent researching and trying to figure out which merchant account is best. Our aim is to keep you satisfied long term. We’re a broker, and that means you never pay us as much as a dime.


Where Do You as a Merchant Stand in the World of Payment Processing?

Maximize your profits by optimizing your position…

The Payment Brands

The major credit card brands rule. They set and enforce the regulations for bank cards. And they charge a long list of fees, earning from every credit card transaction that takes place world wide.

The Issuer

A bank is an example of an issuer. The role of these is to issue the credit cards to the cardholders, your customers. Issuers earn money from the cardholders and from the payment brands. In other words, they profit from both sides.

YOU – The Merchant

When a cardholders purchases your good or services, you get the benefit of any profits you earn through your profit margins, which must be calculated to compensate the fees you have to pay to the acquirer, issuer, and network for the privilege of being able to accept credit card payments. Businesses that accept card payments generally earn more than those that don’t…

The Cardholder

Your customers who pay by credit card are the cardholders in the world of payment processing. They pay interest and fees in exchange for cardholder benefits, such as increased buying power, reward points, security, and/or convenience.

The Acquirer

Acquirers process credit and debit payments for merchants, making it possible for them to accept payment from card issuers that are within associations like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Acquirers can be banks or other financial institutions. The contract acquirers and merchants enter into give the merchant a line of credit in the form of a merchant account. This relationship is often facilitated by an independent sales organization (ISO), member service provider (MSP), or payment processor. The acquirer’s fees are a markup that gets added to association interchange fees.

Does the Payment Processing Workflow Work in Your Favor?

As a merchant, you want to receive your funds as fast after the transaction as possible and you want to give your customers a smooth checkout experience. No matter what merchant account provider you choose, the payment workflow remains the same. What differs is efficiency of the process and the quality of the support you receive.

Authorization – This takes place right at the moment of the transaction. When the customer swipes his or her credit card, for example, a request is sent to the issuer, who then authorizes the transaction. The information exchange can take place in a matter of seconds. During this step what’s key is to have the best point of sale system or credit card terminal for you business needs.

Clearing – You don’t normally get to see this step take place. All the magic happens in offices far away from where the transaction initiated (at your store), but the efficiency of this step can have a big impact on you and your customers’ experience. Clearing is when the acquirer and the issuer exchange information by way of the processor network. This step can influence how fast you receive the funds.

Settlement – Now comes the exchange of funds. The cardholder’s bank sends payment to your payment processor for the transaction. Then the processor’s bank sends the funds to your bank. Finally, your bank deposits your money into your account. Still, it’s the merchant account service provider you choose that dictates how fast you’ll get the money. Through Hawkins, you can get a merchant account that always funds you within 1 business day.

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What About Merchant Account Fees?

There are some fees that all merchants pay, then there are fees whose rates depend on the processor you choose, the transaction circumstances, your credit standing, and whether you’re a low risk or high risk merchant. Understanding the fees can help you make a wiser decision – and that’s what we’re all about! Hawkins helps you get the best rates.

Assessment Fees

The major credit card brands charge this fee. It’s a cost of a set percentage of your processing volume. Each of the brands have their own fees, which means that if you have two customers and each one pays with a different brand of credit card, then one of the transactions may cost more or less than the other. This fee can also be affected by the amount of the transaction in question.

Association Fees

Under the umbrella of association fees are a long list of individual fees, such as the Network Access and Brand Usage (NABU) fee, Kilobyte fees, and BIN fees. The list of fees and their actual rates can vary widely amount the major credit card brands. To simplify, we call these association fees. Not only may association fees vary based on the brand but also the circumstances of the transaction.


Interchange Fees

Interchange fees are often the bulk of a merchant’s processing expenses. They have two parts: a set percentage each transaction’s dollar value and a flat per-transaction rate. Interchange fees can be influenced by a number of different variables which represent the conditions of the transaction. In tiered pricing, those variables are lumped into one of three groups: Qualified, Mid-Qualified, and Non Qualified.

When they apply for a merchant account, many applicants worry whether their business will qualify. What should worry merchant account providers is whether their service is the best.

Hawkins Merchant Solutions will analyze your situation and present you with the best for what you want and your business needs. We find the merchant account setup and rates that can keep you satisfied long term. Think of Hawkins as your inside consultant. We bring you the solutions that are the best for your goals, business style, and financial situation. Our process is quick and our consulting services are free.

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