Cash Discount Credit Card Processing

Lower how much you pay in credit card processing fees by up to 80%. It's legal, customer-friendly, and could save your business thousands.
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Let’s Face It – Credit Card Transaction Fees Can Be Expensive!

ZERO Processing Fees is the Dream that Just Came True…

Find Out How Much Cash Discount Credit Card Processing Can Save Your Business

Reward your cash paying customers

Cash Discount empowers merchants to take advantage of a law that was enacted to ease the cost of credit card processing. It’s legal and with it you can give your customers the option of getting a discount for paying with cash or forgoing the savings in exchange for the convenience of paying by debit or credit.

The greatest benefit of Cash Discount is that the flat monthly rate you pay covers processing all of your credit card sales, regardless of volume. In many cases, this has resulted in a monthly savings of several hundred dollars. Cash Discount is a legitimate opportunity to substantially reduce costs. While the program isn’t for every business, the savings potential makes it an option every business owner ought to know about.

And, when you choose Cash Discount through Hawkins Merchant Solutions, you get the added advantage of superior support, including a routine review of your processing bill and results to ensure the program continues to be what’s best for your business.

Program Features and Benefits

Now you can make more money on every credit card transaction

  • Same day funding
  • $99 maximum cost
  • Legally vetted
  • No application fees
  • No hidden cost
  • Unlimited credit card processing
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • In-store signage provided
  • Simple-to-read monthly statements
  • Easy setup
  • 24/7 transaction and technical support
  • Works on popular terminals and POS systems

Why Make the Switch to Cash Discount Credit Card Processing?

This type of merchant account works because it’s…

100% Budgetable

There are many variables that affect merchant account fees – and the value of those variables can be different for each and every transaction. This makes it near impossible to budget correctly for managing the cost of your merchant account bill – it could easily prove to be far more than you expect. With Cash Discount, you pay a flat rate every month. It’s predictable, affordable, and far better for your business finances.


Easy to Implement

In less than a week you could be up and running with a brand new credit card terminal and in-store signage, processing credit cards the Cash Discount way. This service comes with 24 hour technical support. And getting approved for Cash Discount credit card processing is a simple matter. Your customers are sure to adapt to the new system quickly. Best of all, you’ll get to start seeing the savings almost immediately. Cash Discount is helping thousands of businesses shift the credit processing scenario to their favor.



Many merchants pay thousands a year – or monthly – on transaction fees alone. That’s capital that could have been put back into the business to increase efficiency and profits, or achieve some other key goal. With Cash Discount, you only have to cover a set flat rate, reducing your merchant fees to under $100 a month, no matter what your sales volume is like and regardless of any given transaction total. The savings potential makes this program more of a business investment than a service.

POS Systems and Credit Card Terminals for Cash Discount Merchant Accounts

The technology you need to make the checkout process easier for you and your customers
Mynt POS

The Mynt POS

The Mynt POS with it's "retail -hardened" hardware and easy-to-use software strikes an impressive chord of affordability and functionality, making it a great pick for implementing Cash Discount credit card processing at your business.

Paradise POS

The Paradise POS with it's sleek touchscreen and powerful features such as inventory management, reporting, and customizable menu can help keep the line moving at your business while automating your Cash Discount program.

Clover Station

A stylish design and a seemingly endless list of features are two things that have helped make the Clover POS very popular. It's a versatile system that can make inventory management, sales tracking, and even online marketing easier, and you can use it with Cash Discount processing.

The Clover Flex

For accepting payments while on the go, check out the Clover Flex. This lightweight, very portable POS is rich in features such as signature acceptance and inventory management.

The Dejavoo Z9

With the NFC-enabled Dejavoo terminal your customers can make purchases with just a tap. This credit card terminal was design for maximum versatility. Optional handset allows you to take payment processing mobile and accept cards right at your customers' tables.

The Verifone

Looking for a terminal that was built to impress? The Verifone, with its easy-to-use, ATM-like design and vast memory, helps you create a prime checkout experience for your card-using customers.

The Pax S80

Built for speed, this credit card terminal has what it takes to help you keep the line moving. Ideal for fast-paced environments such as restaurants and retail, implementing the Discount for Cash program with the Pax can help you reap the max benefits.

Explore how Cash Discount can benefit your unique business situation

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