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Gift and prepaid cards can be one of the most powerful features a POS can provide and that a coffee shop or restaurant can use. Why? Because when done correctly, they make you more money.

Top 4 Benefits of Gift Cards for Your Small Business

1. Customers can only spend that money at your business.

 It seems simple but this is one of the best reasons to offer a gift or prepaid card. Once that money is placed on the card, the customer has to either spend it with you or lose out – that means that the customer will most likely come back. After all, they can’t spend the money on the gift card at any other competitor -it’s a win/win for your business and your customers. 

2. They will spend more money. 

Many studies have shown that the average customer spends 20-50% more than their gift card balance on small amounts. In other words, if the customer is given a $20 gift card, they will most likely spend and additional amount of cash. Customer often will purchase an additional goods or services, or add an upgrade to the order, thereby increasing your revenue. 

3. The average dollar per ticket increases with gift card usage. 

Remember, it is a “No Guilt” transaction to the customer. They know they can’t spend the money anywhere else so why not splurge a little.

4. They can help reduce your credit card fees. 

If you pay a swipe fee on your credit card transactions, gift cards will be helpful. When done right, there is no swipe fee on a gift card transaction. That means that you are not paying th $.10 to $.15 credit card swipe fee on every one of those gift card transactions For example, if you pay $.15 a swipe for a credit card, a customer using a gift card for 10 purchases can save you $1.50. If you have 50 gift card transactions a day that is $7.50 a day. That is $2,700 a year that will go back into your business.

At Hawkins Merchant Solutions, We make establishing gift card and loyalty programs at your business simple and affordable. Contact us today to get started. 

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