Online payment gateway for tech support and ecommerce business provides a best source for online transactions. Users can pay online for the services they opt with wide options to choose the most suitable mode of payment. These platforms are secured but fraudulent activities also take place affects the volume of transactions with low confidence among users.

Online payment fraud is an illegal activity in which unknown person able to use the credit card or financial details of others to make payments for their own use. Many times such activities occur when original owner is making online payment and find a wrong transaction. However, tech support, ecommerce and other high risk merchants can be avoid such online threats.

Evade Phishing Mails

Many times such users get phishing mails which they open to revert and become victim of fraud transactions. But users can avoid such acts, by avoiding submitting any financial details like credit or debit card information asked by mailing. Customer should use such details at the time of making online payments that usually asked by only payment gateway service.

Choose a Secure Platform

Ecommerce, Tech Support and other high risk business owners should use a secured online platform to carry out such transactions. There should be a secured processing system protected with http locked and secured URL that protects online financial transaction from cyber threats. A secure platform also asks for the complete authentication of user for secure payments.

Avoid Storing Sensitive Data

Never ask user to store his sensitive data like login details other personal information while making payment through payment gateway. PCI has strictly forbidden asking or storing such information of customers, it only recommends keeping old records with minimum amount of data that would be enough to apply for refunds or charge-backs in case of disputes.

Secured Server and Software

Payment gateway should use most sophisticated system software, server and processing system to protect the customers from online frauds. The data storage and hosting should be also highly protected from misuse or fraud to provide a completely safe payment processing through their payment gateway service.

Fraud Assessment by Scrubbing

Payment gateway service providers and high risk merchants should use fraud scrubbing method that helps to carry out a risk assessment process to predict the authenticity and reliability of each transaction by monitoring them in contrast to selected parameters. This kind of assessment helps customers of high risk merchants to avoid fraud transactions using statistical analysis to assess the risk of fraud against the cards used for executing online transactions.

As a customer of Hawkins Merchant Solutions, fraud protection is made easy for your ecommerce business because we work with you to ensure your high risk ecommerce processing solution is the perfect fit for your business requirements.

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