What is the Best POS System for Your Business?

You want a point-of-sale solution that streamlines your operations and reduces your expenses while improving your revenue through improved customer service.

The Clover

Maximize productivity with this high performance point-of-sales system.

Clover’s intelligent software supercharges transaction speeds. It’s many intuitive apps help merchants sell better and streamline operations management.

The Mynt

Collect profits at the intersection of affordability and user-friendliness.

The durable Mynt POS system is designed to help make each transaction a breeze for a long time to come. It’s hard-wearing, simple, and available with the Cash Discount program.

The Paradise

Experience a fast, friendly point of sale system that helps keep your line moving.

The Paradise POS is a feature-rich system that helps you keep track of inventory and sales as your business benefits from the Discount for Cash program. It’s sleek, affordable, and easy to use.


The Revel

Where speed is key, having the fastest POS can give you that beloved leading edge.

Let the Revel point-of-sales system transform the way you do business, whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, or enterprise. The cool IPad stand of this system helps you reserve counter space and give your business that clean, up-to-date feel all while maximizing customer engagement.

 The Vend

Grow your business like the big boys without spending like a VIP.

With the Vend, you get the benefit of a cutting-edge POS software solution and the flexibility to use equipment you may already own, such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer. This point-of-sales system offers the freedom to shop for your own POS hardware and buy at your ideal price while still keeping your business in pace with modern times.


When every feature is the most important, get the POS that has it all.

If you want a POS that’s well-rounded and highly versatile, Exatouch delivers. This secure and affordable point-of-sales solution is powered by Electronic Payments and offers rich business management capabilities.

Get the Poynt?

Manage your business from anywhere with this state-of-the-art POS.

With it’s unique two screen design, the Poynt maximizes customer engagement, giving your customers an enjoyable transaction experience. This POS syncs with the way you do business, even when it’s your own way. The powerful apps provide flexibility and customization while simplifying business management tasks.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a POS Solution

The return on investment should go beyond the boost in revenue most businesses experience when they begin credit card processing.

Software Features – Modern POS software can do far more than help you keep track of inventory and sales. It can help market your business. It can sync in-store orders with your ecommerce shop. The list of POS software features can vary greatly. Why pay for features you don’t need and sacrifice the ones your business could really use? But picking the best POS system requires insight on the available software features and how each of them assists your business model.

Hardware Features – Would your restaurant run better with a tableside POS? And if you’re in the services business, how can you accept credit card payments while on the go? A mobile card reader POS might be best for your needs. There are other hardware considerations to make. For example, you might prefer an offline POS system that is internet capable. You might want an IPad POS as opposed to a countertop model.

Your Merchant Account – Your credit card processor provides the payment gateway. If you’re already signed up with a processor, they may have restrictions on your POS choices. But even if you are locked into contract we may be able to help. Hawkins Merchant Solutions works with several vendors and suppliers to get our customers the POS solution that best fits their needs.

POS Pricing – Point-of-sale equipment can be expensive. The best POS system might not be something your business can afford. There are a number of payment options available, but those options depend on the POS system you’re after as well as who you’re processing credit cards through. At Hawkins, our aim is help you get the payment processing equipment you need at a price and terms that fit your budget.

Customer Support – What would happen if, in the middle of a busy day, your POS system goes down? What happens if there’s a major system error or hardware failure? How soon would your checkout be back to functioning smoothly again? For all of this, you want the best, most reliable, most reachable and responsive customer support you can get with a POS system.

Hawkins Merchant Solutions can assist you in getting the most affordable pricing in our industry on the best point-of-sale system for your business.

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